Current Sermon Series

Undaunted: Living for Jesus in Today’s Culture

Many Christians today will say that living for Jesus in culture is difficult. Jesus wants those who follow Him to be undaunted as they live for Him in culture. But too often, culture does not tolerate those who truly desire to follow Jesus. “Undaunted” is a study through the first letter of Peter. Through it, you will be encouraged and equipped to live for Jesus in your particular life context.

Week One: Relying on God’s Mercy – Pastor Joe

Week Two: Redemption Changes Everything – Pastor Joe

Week Three: Desiring Scripture – Pastor Joe

Week Four: Models of Mercy – Pastor Joe

Week Five: Free to Submit – Pastor Joe

Week Six: An Example to Follow – Pastor Joe

Week Seven: The Mystery of Marital Submission – Pastor Joe

Week Eight: A Christ-Centered Conscience – Pastor Joe

Week Nine: A New Purpose – Pastor Joe