We’re glad you’ve decided to check us out. Our website is designed for you to discover more about Heritage.

Heritage is different than other churches in our area.  We are what’s known as a church “replant”.  God put a vision on Heritage, not to start a brand new church, but to be used to revitalize and restore an existing church.  This type of church is not for everyone, but we are looking for folks who are tired of the same old, program-driven church and want to return to the simplicity of following Jesus, building relationships with church family, and serving our community.  We are rebuilding Heritage from the ground up with a focus on people, not programs.

If you’re new to the area, I encourage you check us out for a couple of weeks.  Try out our Gather and Life Group environments.  Then, check out a couple of other churches in our area, so you can feel the difference with Heritage.

If you have any questions, or have any prayer needs, reach me at joe@myhbcfamily.com

Pastor Joe